Video chat generates value for Nykredit and its customers



Technology offers powerful tools, but when it comes to financial advice, nothing
replaces personal contact. Customer trust is crucial to online banking. And this is where online services have so far failed to satisfy.


Nykredit bridges the gap between face-to-face interaction and online customer service with Netop Live Guide video chat.  Through intelligent planning and a commitment to training, they built a truly unique customer communications channel. Video chat has become an integrated part of
Nykredit’s strategy.


Through their integration of Live Guide, Nykredit has found that video chat creates a personal experience for their online customers while supporting Nykredit’s commitment to provide trustworthy, first-class online advice.  Live Guide allows Nykredit's agents to efficiently handle customer inquiries and smoothly transition to face-to-face meetings.

Nykredit anticipates that an increasing amount of their customer interactions will occur through video chat as the technology develops and their customers become more familiar with it, particularly in the areas of portfolio management and private banking.

About Nykredit

Nykredit is one of Denmark’s largest financial groups with specialties ranging from mortgage banking and banking to insurance and estate agency services. Founded in 1985, the Copenhagen-based company has 3,600 employees throughout Europe. Nykredit is Denmark’s largest mortgage provider with lending of USD135.64 billion (DKK 751 billion) and a market share of 40.4 percent of Denmark’s loans in 2006. The company’s total banking and mortgage banking practices were USD140.88 billion (DKK 780 billion), which is 26.4 percent of the total Danish banking market last year.