International Travel Agency Provides Personal Service Online


Online booking doesn’t have the same level of service you get when making travel plans one-on-one with an agent. The truth is, nothing beats the personal attention of a professional agent to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.  

"We really want to hold onto visitors to our website until they have purchased their holiday," says Johansen. "It is important to give them a way to contact us directly if they have a question; we don’t want them to have to wait for answer. Live Guide helps us provide an immediate response and keep online customers engaged."


Netop Live Guide gives Apollo customers the option of starting a two-way dialogue with a service agent in a matter of seconds. In a typical online environment, customers are isolated from the kind of person-to-person interaction that often makes the difference in closing the sale.

For Apollo, the live chat function means that customers don’t have to interrupt their purchase to ask for more information or to get assistance; all they have to do is click on "chat with us" to get an immediate answer, one-on-one with an agent.


Apollo began using Live Guide in the Danish market in July of 2009. Since then the number of live chat inquiries has increased dramatically and now account for approximately 50% of all contacts.

Live Guide helps Apollo travel agents serve more customers in less time. "Our agents are three times more effective using live chat than when they use the telephone," explains Johansen. "An agent can only answer one telephone call at a time; but on average, they can answer three queries at the same time using live chat."

Apollo Travel

Apollo Travel specializes in providing quality travel services online. The company is known for easy to use and informative service; Apollo books over 150,000 holidays per year in 48 destinations located in 28 countries. Since over 75 percent of all Apollo holidays are purchased online the company wanted to establish a more personalized connection with web-based customers through the use of live chat. The goal was to give customers immediate live chat access to online travel service agents in real time.

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