Usability and Efficiency

Live Guide Makes it Easy

A new standard for usability in live chat

Saving just one second per chat can result in an overall time savings of 80 hours per year, and Live Guide was designed for enhanced usability and optimal efficiency. The Live Guide console is intuitive and a host of added capabilities give agents the ability to customize their workspace to better suit their needs.  

With Live Guide, more efficient operators result in faster response to customers, higher customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs.

  • Best practice

    Live Guide provides unmatched flexibility and versatility when it comes to customizing the operator console environment. Agents can adjust the layout of the chat area and the queue, modify when alerts are sent and received, and adjust fields and fonts in the chat window. Happy agents are efficient agents with Live Guide.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Live Guide sets a new standard for best in class usability for live chat software by allowing you to create a more efficient working environment for your agents and operators.

    • Optimized operator interface reduces costs through greater agent efficiency
    • Customizable operator console lets agents tailor their environment for optimal performance
    • System efficiency helps reduce average handle time
    • Capabilities and features result in a better operator performance and a happier staff
    • Faster response times result in improved customer satisfaction