Live Chat with Integrated Surveys

Extend the value of online chat with Live Guide integrated forms and surveys

Live Guide makes it easy to integrate online forms and surveys before, during, and after a live chat session. This provides additional intelligence to your chat operators so they can more efficiently handle customer requests.

Pre-chat forms help service agents resolve questions more quickly. Forms issued during the session help convert potential customers into qualified leads. Automated end-of-session surveys help ensure your agents are meeting customer needs and providing the most optimal service.

  • Best practice

    Use customer exit surveys to gather valuable insight that will help you and your agents provide more effective and efficient technical support and customer service. Ask questions such as "Did the chat session increase your likelihood to purchase with us?" "Was the operator helpful and courteous?” or "Did this chat session give you a positive impression of our company?"

  • Bottom line benefits

    The easy-to-use customizable forms and surveys in Live Guide can be used when agents are offline, or to qualify customers and gather information before, during or after a live chat interaction.

    • Collect key information before a chat session to speed problem resolution and improve support
    • Issue forms during a chat session to collect customer information about product interests and purchase preferences
    • Use a post-chat survey to evaluate customer satisfaction and make service improvements
    • Gather valuable customer information automatically and export the data to other database repositories