Social Media & Email

Live Chat from Email, Online Ads and Social Media

Create more customer conversations

Netop Live Guide offers you the unique ability to add live chat functionality to email, online advertising and social media - including Facebook and Twitter. Now you can reach out to customers where they are most likely to be online. Adding live chat to your social media, online advertising and email extends the power of chat beyond your website to boost online sales, reduce customer service costs and increase customer satisfaction.

With Live Guide, customers simply click to chat from email and social media, and connect to your representative instantly. Embed the functionality in an online ad and transform your marketing campaigns into engaging, real-time customer conversations.

  • Best practice

    Make the most of live chat by using a multi-channel approach that is personal and interactive. For example, engage the media, industry analysts and new prospects by embedding click-to-chat capability in your electronic press releases. Add a simple text link, or create a graphic, that invites readers to a live chat. Wherever and whenever you encounter people online is a new opportunity for Live Guide.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Effective social media and online marketing requires a two-way dialogue, not a one-way transaction. Adding live chat to email, online advertising and social media makes your efforts more interactive, more personal and, ultimately, more profitable.

    • Take customer engagement to the next level with immediate, direct communication with your staff from within whatever online medium the customer is using
    • Drive email response rates up by embedding click-to-chat capability
    • Make your online advertising interactive by adding an option to chat with your sales team directly from the advertisement
    • Add live chat capability to your blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or other favorite type of social media
    • Choose from audio, video or text chat - Netop Live Guide makes it easy
    • Leverage social media and transform traditional one-way marketing campaigns into interactive conversations