Live Chat Reporting

The hourly live chat call volume report helps you plan and adjust operator staffing

Measure live chat performance and boost contact center efficiency

The comprehensive reporting features of Live Guide help you gain deeper insight into customer behavior and improve contact center efficiency. Advanced live chat reporting tools make it easy to monitor key metrics and optimize the process for both your customers and your agents.

Live Guide reporting includes detailed analytics that measure things like the amount of time spent on each chat, the activity of your operators, and chat volume demand 24 hours a day.

  • Best practice

    Live Guide lets you easily run reports on a periodic basis – by day, week or month, for example – and distribute that information to key personnel via email. With Live Guide reporting, managers, executives and process owners keep current on live chat performance, call center efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Live Guide's comprehensive reporting allows you to monitor and improve contact center performance. All information may also be exported to other systems for further analysis and reporting.

    • Easily monitor the performance of an individual operator or a whole contact center team
    • Assess operator workload and evaluate overall efficiency
    • Evaluate hours of peak volume and adjust staffing levels to match customer demand
    • Track average handle time and call resolution
    • Understand customer behavior and gauge customer satisfaction
    • Share and view data using Live Guide or export to any number of external database systems
    • Monitor metrics segmented by campaigns, activities and/or departments
    • Measure the impact and success of proactive chat, covering all campaigns and all departments