Remote View for Client Support

See what your customers are seeing

Live Guide remote view allows operators to remotely view your customers' desktops with the click of a button.

When a small executable is launched by your customer, your operator can immediately see what your customers are seeing on their screens.  From the administration console, your managers can set and adjust privileges, determining whether remote viewing is available to your operators.

Remote view is included in the optional Remote Access features available to all Live Guide customers.  Contact us today to learn more or to start a free trial.


  • Best practice

    Many customer questions can be quickly resolved by using Live Guide's customer intelligence features. Sometimes, though, it is helpful to know what your customers are seeing. With Remote View, operators can quickly understand and diagnose customer difficulties.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Increased visibility for improved communication.  

    • Easy to use and deploy
    • Real-time sharing of the customer's desktop
    • Quickly diagnose customer problems
    • No disruption of chat communication with customer
    • View multiple customer screens
    • Provide increased direction to your customers