Remote Control of Client Computers

Operators can remotely assist customers

With Live Guide, operators can go beyond text-, audio- or video-based support and provide remote control assistance with the click of a button  Remote Assistance lets your operators provide efficient technical support, share files, and co-browse with your customers. 

When a small executable is launched by your customer, your operator can immediately assist with completion of forms, navigating your site, and sharing resources.  From the administration console, your managers can set and adjust privileges, determining what forms of remote control are available to your operators.

Remote Assistance is included in the optional Remote Access add-on available to all Live Guide customers.  Contact us today to learn more or to start a free trial.

  • Best practice

    Efficient first-call resolution is key to your help desks success. With Live Guide, your operators can provide Remote Assistance to end users and switch to audio chat to maintain an open channel of communication while conducting remote service. You'll delight your customers while gaining efficiency.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Remote Assistance gives your operators the opportunity to provide immediate support to customers.  

    • Resolve customer issues
    • Co-navigate customers to web-based resources
    • Assist customers with form completion
    • Remote control customer keyboard and mouse
    • Easily launch from within the operator's interface
    • Improve first-call resolution rates