Engage Online Customers with Proactive Chat

Convert website visitors into customers

Reach new prospects and increase customer engagement with Live Guide’s proactive chat feature. Proactive chat sends an invitation to chat with website visitors anywhere on your site. If a prospective customer has been browsing a web page for a period of time, Live Guide reaches out with a chat message tailored to the product or page your customer is looking at and then routes the chat accordingly.

Proactive chat helps you maximize all the benefits that chat provides. Best of all, Live Guide's proactive chat features are completely automated; new chat sessions automatically flow in to the queue giving your agents the ability to provide timely and personalized service while handling single visitors or large volumes of traffic.

  • Best practices

    Proactive chat is especially powerful when used with web analytics to identify when visitors are dropping off of your website. By implementing proactive chat on pages with high abandonment rates you can convert more online visitors to online customers. By injecting proactive chat for all customers during checkout you can increase your average order size with knowledgeable agents advocating for complementary products.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Proactive chat can be a powerful tool to meet customers' need for help when they are in the middle of their online purchase. Studies show that 44% of online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online and say that having questions answered while in the middle of a purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

    • Increase average order size by 20% or more
    • Reduce shopping cart abandonment by as much as 30%
    • Chat proactively with customers
    • Convert website visitors to website customers
    • Selectively deploy proactive chat to areas of your website where it is most important to engage your customers
    • Start a chat with any visitor who needs help and increase customer satisfaction
    • Establish different proactive chat campaigns for different web pages or areas of your site
    • Route calls to operators and specialists according to specific areas of your site; agents will know where the customer was when they received the chat invitation
    • Provide the same personalized service found in brick and mortar stores with a friendly “Can I help you?” proactive chat invitation