Preview Chats and Forms

Preview pre-chat forms

Before starting a chat, many companies ask customers to provide basic information - like their names, email addresses and the subjects of their questions - in a pre-chat form.  With Live Guide, operators can preview responses to pre-chat forms before initiating chat, allowing them to route customers, prepare responses, and provide more efficient and exact service.

The Live Guide pre-chat form preview can be enabled or disabled from the operator's console and saved per operator.

Preview customer chat messages

Live Guide lets operators see what a customer engaged in a chat is typing in real-time, prior to submission.  Chat preview helps operators have responses ready quickly - especially for lengthier customer questions.  As customers type, the operator can follow the text in progress; when the customer clicks send, the message appears, time-stamped, in the chat area.

The Live Guide preview of customer messages can be enabled from the Administration Module.  Operators can enable or disable previews from their consoles.

  • Best practice

    These new features let you gather information on your customer before they initiate chat, helping you route and respond to inquiries faster than ever. Also, when operators can see what customers are writing as they type, they can queue up prepared responses, reducing overall service time - another way Live Guide makes your contact center more efficient.

  • Bottom line benefits

    • Route incoming requests to the most appropriate agent or department
    • Ensure a quicker response to customer inquiries
    • Enable contact center agents able to handle multiple calls
    • Rapidly deliver prepared responses to common questions