Prepared Responses

Pre-made Messages for Live Chat

Lower support costs and raise customer satisfaction with Live Guide

The prepared response feature of Live Guide helps your chat operators become more efficient and effective…and that means reduced operating costs and higher customer satisfaction. Rather than typing out commonly used phrases, agents have access to a selection of pre-made messages and can issue a response with a click of a button.

Live Guide offers shorter canned messages and a knowledge base of longer, procedural texts. As a result, chat operators are able to handle multiple in bound requests simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time it takes to respond to a customer inquiry, and reducing your operating and support costs.

  • Best practices

    Live Guide has a number of logging and reporting tools that can help you determine which pre-written messages are most effective thus allowing you to build ideal responses into the system. Review these responses with your chat operators on an ongoing basis with the aim to edit and optimize your prepared responses for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Bottom line benefits

    You can use Live Guide to define as many texts as you need, and the texts can be grouped in relevant categories, departments or functions. With a single click of a button Live Guide types out the entire message or paragraph and delivers it to your customer via text chat.

    • Handle multiple chat sessions at the same time by using a library of approved, pre-written messages
    • Lower online technical and sales support costs
    • Increase online customer satisfaction
    • Boost online sales
    • Resolve technical questions more quickly
    • Automate responses for swift and efficient chat replies
    • Build a repository of ideal responses into the system
    • Enable greater chat operator efficiency