Mobile Chat for iPhones, iPads & Android

Chat with customers on the go

Live Guide lets you connect instantly with customers visiting your site from iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Our new, HTML5-based customer console delivers personalized assistance to visitors to your site no matter what device or OS they are using.

With Live Guide, mobile customers can select which department to connect with, be re-routed quickly to experts, and be engaged by proactive chat invitations. The functionality you need to fully engage visitors to your site is now extended to visitors using Android, Apple, Windows and other platform devices.

  • Best practice

    Don't limit yourself to adding chat to your site. With Live Guide, you can send out invitations to chat through SMS and email campaigns. You can also chat through Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. No matter how your customers are using their mobile devices, they will be able to connect with you through Live Guide!

  • Bottom line benefits

    • Connect to site visitors across all platforms and devices
    • More efficient and effective customer service
    • Chat with mobile users through Twitter, SMS and social media campaigns
    • Push pages out to direct mobile users to specific web content
    • Provide better IT support to tablet users
    • Intelligently route visitors to the resources they need
    • Capture customer information to assist in faster call resolution