Intelligent Live Chat with Stored History and Logs

Improve customer service and agent efficiency with Live Guide logging and history features

Part of the power of customer intelligence with Live Guide is found on our stored history and logging features. Historical data is kept of all chat interactions, which can then be used by operators to better serve your customers and your company.

Previous conversations and chat operator notes are easily accessed; giving agents the information and perspective they need to provide personalized and efficient service.  Live Guide also provides history and log data to contact center managers who use the information to evaluate operator performance and identify best practices over time.

Data can be quickly and easily exported in a variety of formats for additional data mining or integration into your CRM or customer database programs.

  • Best practices

    Live Guide gives you the ability to export chat history and log information to your company servers or records management database, or email the data to a specific location. This is valuable for a variety of enterprise planning efforts including regulatory compliance, customer relationship management and more.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Live Guide chat history shows all previous contacts with the customer including a log of agent notes. Agents can easily filter the information in real time according to session, date, customer, department and category.

    • Store and log all chat history, customer content and agent commentary
    • Easily categorize returning visitors so you can identify and properly handle VIP customers
    • Agents see every previous chat conversation and prior question the next time your customer contacts your company
    • Make log information easily accessible so each staff member can provide excellent service every time
    • Leverage chat log data for strategic planning and best practices
    • Export chat information and operator history for trend analysis and data mining
    • Ensure data transparency, reporting and documentation for regulatory compliance