Enterprise Security

Secure Live Chat Software

Be confident of your security with Live Guide

Netop takes live chat security seriously. Live Guide's enterprise level security system was built with the needs of the most highly regulated industries in mind and designed specifically to eliminate the risks associated with online communications. All chat communication is 256-bit SSL encrypted. Live Guide is hosted within our secure data center, and an additional layer of best-in-class security safeguards protect your data and the privacy of each user.

Live Guide's enterprise level security features include:


  • 256 bit SSL encryption

    • 256-bit SSL encryption prevents unauthorized data access and ensures the highest possible data protection
    • Chat dialogue is conducted over a secure Internet connection; useful when discussing sensitive data (such as a credit card transaction)

    Brute force protection

    • All unauthorized attempts to gain access to the Live Guide Administration and Operator Consoles are denied to prevent malicious attacks

    IP access control*

    • You can deny access to the Live Guide Operator and Administrator consoles by locking down access to company specific public IPs

    Separate production and trial environment

    • Production and trial servers are split into separate environments to ensure the highest possible security for our paying customers

    Weekly vulnerability security scans

    • To constantly monitor and test our applications we run weekly vulnerability scans and evaluate the reports to comply with our high security standards

  • SWF verification

    • All Flash files are fully protected against reverse engineering or modifications and only if the file is successfully verified will the chat session begin

    Hashed user IDs in the Flash cookie

    • When storing the information about a user Live Guide ensures that the user ID is completely random to protect against identity theft

    Block IP or computer

    • Chat operators can block IP addresses of nuisance callers

    Block domains*

    • Live Guide prevents misuse of the Call Button by allowing it to be used only by domains specified by your company; you can be absolutely certain that it is not being copied and misused on other websites

    Transcription options

    • Live Guide provides the ability to disable sending chat transcriptions via email, for campaigns where sensitive data may be discussed.

    Highly secure cloud based hosting centre

    • Our hosting centres are highly secured facilities with the latest technologies implemented to prevent any kind of negative impact on our uptime and product services

* Please note that Domain Blocking and IP Locking are enterprise security features that are available in the PRO version of Live Guide, but not within Live Guide Basic

  • Best practice

    Some industries are highly regulated and require you to record and document all of your chat conversations. With Live Guide it is easy to adopt this best practice even if you are not specifically required to do so. Regardless of regulatory compliance, the information collected in Live Guide can be of great value for increased security and business analytics.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Live Guide is built upon a highly secure platform, part of which includes the industry-standard Adobe Flash Player which in turn employs the sandbox security model to further ensure unmatched data privacy and security.

    With the demands for data privacy at an all-time high, you can rest assured knowing that Live Guide ensures the highest levels of live chat encryption and industry-leading security features.