Customize the Live Chat Experience

Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet customized their Live Guide proactive chat invitation to match their website.

Flexibility and customization creates
a unique online experience

Customization is easy with Live Guide. We’ve done all the work on the back end, now you have the ability to tailor and optimize the live chat experience on the front end for your online customers. Create customized click-to-chat buttons and proactive chat invitations that match your website, utilize tailored messaging and maximize your brand.

Everything is provided as part of the solution. Simply copy the code and activate the link. We make it easy to integrate Live Guide and fully customize the live chat experience for your customers.

  • Best practice

    Now that you have the power of click-to-chat, make sure that it maximizes your brand. Work with your website designers and integrate your chat buttons so they look like your website; don’t use a generic button. It’s easy to do with Live Guide, so create a unique experience for your customers that is identified and branded to you.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Live Guide gives you the flexibility to implement live chat seamlessly…no matter what form your branding and communications take. Customizable live chat helps maximize your social media and email marketing campaigns while boosting the effectiveness of your website and online advertising.

    • Easily integrate live chat capability anywhere on your website
    • Customize click-to-chat buttons and proactive chat invitations to match your website appearance and company style
    • Maximize your brand with a cohesive customer-facing appearance
    • Implement custom messaging to make the most of live chat
    • Simple copy and paste coding makes adding live chat easy
    • Integrate click-to-chat across multiple channels – on the web, in email, via social media, and more