Customer Intelligence

Online Customer Intelligence with Live Guide

Get to know your customers for improved service and sales

The customer intelligence features of Live Guide help you leverage chat's potential as a highly personalized experience. Your agents now have the ability see detailed information about web visitors including geographical location, the campaign or web page the customer is visiting, and the search terms  used to find your site.

Unlike the telephone where operators have limited insight into a caller's identity and concern, Live Guide captures customer data and presents that online intelligence to your agents in real time. Now they can optimize and personalize the chat session for improved service and sales.

  • Best practices

    Use Live Guide to capture customer intelligence and establish categories for the data that can be used for strategic analysis and operational planning. For example, technical support categories might include specific product names, features or promotional campaigns. Sales support categories may include qualifiers such as demo, potential customer, or VIP customer. The more you know, the more you profit from Live Guide customer intelligence.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Online customer intelligence with Live Guide gives your chat representatives the information they need to offer a more personalized and profitable experience for your customers.

    • Improve online service effectiveness and boost online sales
    • Shorten problem resolution times
    • Display customer information in real time to chat operators
    • Know the search terms customers used to find your website
    • Understand customer needs or questions in advance
    • Provide a more personal, relevant and informed customer interaction
    • Instantly review previous customer contact history and operator notes
    • Keep multiple agents on the same page when helping repeat customers
    • Enter new information to the current call log or call history
    • Capture customer data for later analysis and strategic planning