Hands-on customer service

Live Guide's co-browsing module enables your service agents to resolve questions more quickly, keep customers engaged and increase sales. In co-browsing, chat operators and customers share a browser window - your operators literally guide your customers through the online experience.

This optional module brings powerful sales and support capabilities to your team. Now your customer and your service agent are on the same page - looking at the same information at the same time.  The result: more accurate form completion, faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Best practices

    Benefit from co-browsing by working to optimize and accelerate the most common tasks. For example, set up the pages and information most frequently needed by your agents in advance. Be sure that the recurrent links are organized in folders and by departments for easy access; this way your agents will be free to concentrate on the customer, not the technology.

  • Bottom line benefits

    The Live Guide's co-browsing module lets your operators share a browser window with a single click. It is a seamless transition no matter whether the conversation is in text, audio or video.  

    • Remotely direct website visitors to specific pages, information and forms
    • Speed up online technical support through increased visibility
    • Guide customers to additional product features, information or demonstrations
    • Assist customers with form completion 
    • Immediately assist customers having problems with payments and other site processes
    • Increase incident resolution and decrease support time