Click-to-Chat with Live Chat Software

Increase sales and improve customer service

The capability for customers to click-to-chat with your company is the most fundamental feature of Live Guide and represents the next generation of e-customer service – a powerful alternative to business-as-usual online. Visitors simply click a button and they easily communicate, live and in real time, directly with your online service agents via text chat.

With Live Guide, chatting online with website visitors is easy, and an important tool; not only to increase sales and reduce shopping cart drop out, but also to improve online customer service and technical support. Click-to-chat results in more satisfied customers and more value from your online presence.

  • Best practice

    To make the most of click-to-chat, an important best practice is to dedicate specific agents to online chat interactions – let phone agents remain dedicated to the phone. A good chat operator needs a different focus and skill set; so allow them to concentrate on what they do best and watch customer satisfaction soar.

  • Bottom line benefits

    • Give website visitors the same personal and immediate service they expect in-person
    • Improve online sales and customer service
    • Provide the convenience of an online experience with person-to-person interaction
    • Answering questions immediately and when customers are most likely to purchase your products and services
    • Make immediate one-to-one technical assistance, sales advice and customer service available from anywhere on your website