Audio and Video Chat Software for Website

Audio & Video Chat

Live Chat with Audio and Video

Face-to-face service directly from your website

  • Live Guide extends the value and immediacy of live chat with audio and video. Imagine being able to bring the equivalent of that friendly “Hi, may I help you?” to the Internet. Using live audio and video, Live Guide brings a new dimension to online customer service and sales. With a simple click, website visitors can communicate with your service agents using text chat and then switch seamlessly to audio and video.

Live chat with audio and video is the next generation of online customer engagement. With Live Guide suddenly, the unknown, distant customer service representative is replaced with a personal, consultative and live sales associate, giving customers the same level of service found in brick and mortar situations combined with the convenience and speed of the Internet.

  • Best practice

    You can boost your sales success with Live Guide’s audio and video chat features by having operators broadcast their video right away upon connection. A friendly face immediately establishes additional trust that brings about a better experience for customers and a more fruitful outcome for you. So jump in, smile and wave, and create a connection!

  • Bottom line benefits

    Most computers come equipped with webcams and microphones. As a result many customers prefer the convenience of live chat with audio and video.  

    • Easily engage customers with audio and video chat
    • Move seamlessly from a simple chat dialog to full audio and video
    • Instantly communicate face-to-face with no download required
    • Perform live demonstrations of your product
    • Explain complex products or processes using visual aids
    • Build trust and credibility with face-to-face communications
    • Provide customer support to resolve issues
    • Train customers on how to use your products
    • Provide the same personal sales and support to website visitors that happens naturally in person