APIs for Full Integration

Connect with Third-Party Systems

Live Guide's multiple APIs allow you to move data freely between multiple systems.

Data from chats - including full chat texts - and forms can be accessed through our APIs for integration into ticketing, CRM, analytics, and other business systems.  You can also integrate form submissions as part of your analytics or to automatically create service tickets.

API access is not available in Live Guide Basic.  Contact us today to learn more about our available integration modules.


  • Best practice

    Track your visitors as they engage in chats, convert to leads, and become purchasing customers by integrating Live Guide and site analytics - gather the intelligence you need to vastly improve your site performance.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Increased integration equals better performance.  

    • Immediately create tickets or cases
    • Import customer histories from other systems
    • Provide more agile, intelligent customer service
    • Gather more precise data on customer behavior
    • Easily evaluate operator performance across multiple systems