Advanced Workflow and Routing

Optimize the contact center and ensure more satisfied customers with Live Guide

Live Guide is innovative live chat software with advanced routing and workflow capabilities. We make it easy to automate the routing of customer inquiries to the most appropriate support operator or the most knowledgeable sales agent. One agent can chat with multiple customers and multiple operators can cooperate and contribute to the handling of individual requests. 

With Live Guide, agent accounts can be grouped by department and chat requests are automatically routed to the contact center representative that has the most appropriate skill set for that particular customer inquiry or support question.

  • Best practice

    Live Guide lets you identify departments for your customers and let them choose who they want to chat with. Customers can click the appropriate link to be routed to customer service, product sales or technical support, for instance. This makes your job of guiding the workflow much easier and the experience of customers online much more fruitful and satisfying.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Just as you wouldn’t want to route an incoming phone call to the wrong phone operator, or have customers waiting in a queue with the feeling that they have been forgotten, Live Guide allows you to automate the workflow of chat inquiries to ensure the right agent works with the right customer at the right time. 

    • Automatically route incoming requests to the most appropriate agent or department
    • Ensure customers are not passed from one agent to another
    • Increase the ability of contact center agents to handle multiple calls without unnecessary administration and routing
    • Set up specific workflow scenarios to support new product launches, changes in staffing levels or anticipated increases in demand