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Netop TeachPad Technical Support

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The Netop TeachPad is the unique hardware device that puts the essential features of Netop classroom management at your fingertips.

Online technical support resources for the Netop TeachPad on this page include information on software releases, compatibility with classroom management software and product documentation. 

Contact technical support

Contact our support team via live chat or by calling toll-free:

Americas: 866-725-7833 or (503) 797-6331 

Europe: +45 4590 25 10

Our global support hours are Monday to Friday from 2:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST), 08:00 - 24:00 (CET) in English. Support is also available in German from 08:00 - 17:00 (CET). You can use the technical support form below to submit a request at any time.

Latest software releases

All software required for use of the Netop TeachPad is provided with your download of Netop Vision classroom management software. Simply download and install the latest version in your classroom, then plug the TeachPad into the USB port on the teacher's computer. 




Compatibility with Netop classroom management software

The Netop TeachPad is now compatible with both Netop Vision and Netop School classroom management software. Any TeachPad device (old or new) will work with both Vision and School, provided that the a version of the software is used that supports the TeachPad. All recent versions of Vision support the TeachPad, but only the latest releases of Netop School provide this support. At present support is not provided for the use of the TeachPad with MyVision.

Classroom management software version

Compatible with TeachPad?

Upgrade required to use TeachPad?

Netop Vision,

version 6.1.3 or higher


Netop Vision,

version 6.1.3 or older


Upgrade to latest version of Vision

Netop School,

version 6.2 or higher


Netop School,

version 6.1 or older


Upgrade to latest version of School

Netop MyVision,

any version


Upgrade to Netop Vision or Netop School to use the TeachPad


Netop TeachPad Documentation

You may also wish to consult the documentation for Netop Vision or School classroom management software which is available on the technical support page for those products.

Documentation in other languages




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