What is Classroom Management Software?

Simply stated: classroom management software lets you view your students’ computer screens from your own display, guide how they’re using their computers and interact screen-to-screen.

Imagine walking into this classroom:

Class begins; your students take their seats. On each desk, you’ve placed a phone, a dozen magazines, an iPod, a video game console and a stack of notes addressed to each student from their friends. You tell your class not to look at any of these things – and with that, you begin! 

So, to define: classroom management software cleans off the desk. You use it to:

  • Capture students’ attention and keep them focused
  • Control the sources of distraction
  • Supervise student activity
  • Help them individually as needed
  • Do all of these things right from your desk 

In other words, it boosts comprehension, makes your life easier and improves student grades. 

How does classroom management software work?

Let’s get specific. Vision classroom management software makes those ideas a reality, by letting you: 

  • View a screenshot of each computer in the classroom from your own display, so you can follow your students’ work in real time
  • Communicate with your class screen-to-screen: chat, operate a student’s computer for them or demonstrate directly on their screens, all from your own computer
  • Turn Internet access on or off entirely, or just choose specific websites to block or allow
  • Select the applications you want your class to work in while blocking others
  • Distribute files, collect assignments and launch websites for the whole class in a click, saving lost transition time, so you can get more from your class period

There’s more, of course. Annotate on-screen. Showcase student work. Wake up or shut down all your computers in a click.



What difference can classroom management technology make?

Classroom management tools like these transform your teaching experience for the better – not to mention your students’ achievement. An independent study confirms that Vision makes a measurable, significant difference in students’ grades, helping them grasp concepts more quickly and retain them better over time.



The difference is easy to define: classroom management software is a crucial tool in today’s schools, and Vision leads the race. In fact, over 50,000 teachers around the world have been using Netop Vision for more than a decade. 

If you want to look at case studies, read more about the results Vision produces or find out how it’s used in elementary, middle and high schools, universities and business trainings:



So, when asked to define: classroom management software simplifies the challenges of teaching with technology. In so doing, it transforms your teaching experience. It makes your lessons more effective. And it helps your students go further.