Middle School Classrooms

Middle School Classroom Management Solutions

Better leverage technology with Vision classroom management software

Young enough to be bubbling over with energy, old enough to know how to get into trouble. Middle school classroom management is a tough job. Thankfully, Vision classroom management software removes a lot of the pressure.

For example: if someone is being disruptive, Vision lets you communicate with them directly with a simple chat message, without disturbing the rest of the class. If a student is doing something inappropriate, you can address it instantly by blanking their screen.  Steve West customized his own blank screen with a message: "Busted. Please get back on task. Thank you." Not only did this stop the misbehavior in a moment, but it did so in a way that his students felt was fair and reasonable.

Vision and Vision Pro classroom management software also make it simpler to integrate relevant technology into everyday instruction since you can demo from your PC to any web-enabled student device including iPads, Androids, Macs, Chromebooks and PCs.

With the tools Vision puts in your hand, middle school classroom management is a lot easier.

Teaching language arts with technology

When teaching Greek mythology, Daniel Gould of Whitefish Public Schools has his middle school students create a Greek newspaper featuring stories of monsters, gods and heroes. Students write the articles and find illustrations, and then lay out their newspaper in Microsoft Publisher.

With Vision, Gould can teach Publisher in a fraction of the time it used to take.