The iPad Classroom

Classroom Management Solutions: iPads in School

Engage your classroom with iPad classroom management solutions

Classrooms are going through a transformation. As schools adopt iPads in the classroom, it has changed the way we think about teaching with technology. Students have more access than ever to the web, social media, and powerful tools that we could only dream about a few years ago.

But one thing stays the same, no matter how advanced the tools are: it's still all about education. And teachers are looking for ways to inspire, share, and collaborate with students using iPads.

Vision Classroom Management Software now supports demonstrating to iPads in the classroom to help teachers engage students. This is just one feature in a new line of tools that we are developing for educators who are teaching with iPads.

Managing student iPads in the classroom

How It Works: Teachers & Student iPads

If the teacher has version 8 of Vision, they can:

  • Share the screen of the teacher's PC with student iPads
  • View the teacher's screen on any device with a browser
  • Share screens with an individual or group
  • Use annotations during on-screen presentations

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iPads for education chart

The Teacher’s iPad: iPad Classroom Management

If the teacher has their own iPad, using Vision and Vision Mobile, they can:

  • View the teacher's PC screen from the iPad
  • Control any software on the teacher PC
  • Use whiteboard software or Vision from the iPad
  • Access a worksheet or resource from their PC

Now Available!

Simplify student connectivity with the Netop Vision Student app

Connecting to the Vision or Vision Pro classroom has never been easier for students, thanks to the Netop Vision Student app for iPad and Android tablets.  Available for free in the iTunes App store and Google Play, the Netop Vision Student app is installed onto student devices.  All they have to do is open up the app, enter in the teacher’s computer information, and join the class.  Easy as that.


Vision Student app is available for iPad:

Manage every device in your school or campus affordably.

Email for campus licensing information.