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Create a technology-driven high school classroom with Vision's classroom management software

At Orrick High School, every sophomore takes Jaret Tomlinson's Intro to Business. His goal? To create a technology-driven classroom that will truly prepare his students for the business world. Vision high school classroom management software helps him do that. 

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Vision makes high school classroom management so much simpler, letting you supervise which websites and applications your students are using, help them right from your computer and allow an individual to share their best work with their peers. More importantly though, it gives you the power to equip the young adults in your class with the skills and knowledge they'll need to be college- and career-ready. 

Vision enables teachers to leverage the power of relevant technology for learning. Whether you're in an iPad environment, a BYOD classroom, or a more traditional lab setting. Vision supports the web-enabled devices that matter to your students and your district.

Whether that means teaching them how to use Excel, Photoshop or other industry-standard applications, or helping them master the concepts of your subject, you do your students a service when you teach with Vision.