Elementary School Classrooms

Technology in the Elementary Classroom

Classroom management software makes everything easier

Getting a classroom of elementary-aged children to pay attention to a screen projected at the front of the room can be tricky. Getting them to open the right application or type a URL by themselves can be even harder.

Vision classroom management software simplifies the challenges of using technology in elementary classrooms.

With Vision, you can load a file, start an application or launch a website for everyone in the room, from your own PC. You can demonstrate directly on your students’ computers or smart devices, capturing their attention and actually holding their interest while you teach. If one of your kids runs into a problem? You can operate their computer for them, right from your desk, and quickly get them back on track.

Why choose Vision for your elementary classroom?

Vision and Vision Pro make it easy to integrate relevant technology into a wide variety of teaching environments. Do you teach in a computer lab? In a classroom with student iPads or web-enabled smart devices? Vision classroom management software supports it all, and allows teachers to leverage the technology that students are already familiar with for effective learning.

Here are just a few advantages of using Vision classroom management software in a elementary classroom:

  • Guide student computer use
  • Remotely login students, wakeup and shut down their machines
  • Supervise student computers
  • Block distracting websites

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Success at Highlands Elementary

Margie Maier of Highlands Elementary started with a free trial of Vision, and found it invaluable. She described the impact Vision makes when using technology in elementary classrooms in her award-winning grant application: