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More effective training for employees, staff and professionals

Classroom management isn’t just for schools. When it comes to corporate training software, Netop Vision leads the industry, bringing better, more effective instruction for employees, staff and professionals. In fact, it’s standard equipment in training labs around the world. 

Vision helps you go beyond just telling your class what you want them to know. It lets you actually impart the skills that they need in their work. 

For instance, screen-sharing makes a huge difference in how well your message gets through. Even when demonstrating with a projector, it’s hard for your class to repeat what they see you doing at the front of the room; it’s too easy to miss a step and get lost. With Vision corporate training software, a trainer can demonstrate directly on classroom screens and even allow students to work in tandem, making the information more immediate and easier to remember. 

Simply put, it gives them the power to put what they’ve learned into practice, for themselves.