Vision Classroom Management Software Case Studies

How our classroom management solutions perform in the real-world

Our classroom management case studies paint a variety of pictures of how Vision performs in actual classrooms.

Elementary students, who had been constantly distracted, now get excited about the lesson - and stay focused on it, too. A middle school student who managed to sneak online during class realizes her teacher has a record of all her Internet activities, and decides not to do that anymore. High school students in a small, rural town get a cutting-edge business education.

Classroom management case studies like these paint a vivid picture.

The truth is, Vision transforms the classroom. No one can put that into words like the teachers who have experienced the before and after. Look through our classroom management case studies, and see what you think.

Hazlegrove Preparatory School, Somerset, England

„The teachers are able to quickly and easily check student progress and assisting students as needed. I have used other classroom management solutions in the past but I’m a big fan of Netop.” Matthew Sims, Head of Digital Strategy, Hazlegrove Perparatory School
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HAVO-VWO School in the Netherlands

"Teachers can easily share their screens with their classes through Netop Vision Pro, which makes their teaching in our computer rooms much more personal and effective!" - Peter Harmsen, ICT coordinator at Tabor College in Hoorn, The Netherlands
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The Stockwook Park Academy, Luton, England

"Vision Pro is a very powerful behaviour management tool. It is a great product that provides real solutions to improve teaching in ICT suites.” Giselle Hobbs, Assistant Principal The Stockwood Park Academy
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Smart Devices I

"We determined that different grade levels needed different things from technology." -Wayne Rickman, Technical Administrator: Brockport Central School District, New York
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Elementary School

"Vision allows me to come as close to 1:1 instruction as I can... even my most challenging learners are able to follow through on the instruction more consistently." - Margie Maier, Computer Skills: Highland Elementary School, Washington
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School District

“For the most part, the students remain on task, but if someone decides to venture on his own, we’ve been able to document it exactly, so there’s no gray area." - Peter Baccile, Technology Director: Hornell City School District, New York
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Middle School I

“I like being able to showcase to the class what other students can do, especially if it’s that kid that everyone thinks can do nothing right. This gives that student the chance to shine without saying a word.” - Amanda Girvin, Technology Teacher & Coordinator: Ockerman Middle School, Kentucky
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Middle School II

“I said that if you get this for me, I’ll install it, train other teachers how to use it and take care of any problems it may have. That was a great deal for me. If all software was this easy, tech people would be out of work.” - Steve West, Business: Asheville Middle School, North Carolina
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Media Center I

“If students are online and trying to do research into a topic or find a book title, I can see what they’re doing, find it on my computer and then show them on theirs, all without leaving my desk unattended." - Mona Shehata, Media Services Director: Fontana A. B. Miller High School, California
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Media Center II

“I have so many students in and out. It’s harder than in a classroom because I don’t know the kids as well as a teacher would. They’re all different ages; some come in only once, while some are in every day. Vision helps me ensure that they are using the Internet to support learning.” - Bonnie Hampton, Media Specialist: Newberry High School, Florida
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Junior High

"Once you've used Vision, it's hard to imagine living without it." - Daniel Gould, Language Arts: Whitefish Public Schools, Montana
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High School I

"It's one thing to have technology in the room; it's a whole other thing to incorporate it seamlessly so students benefit. Vision is the single most important piece of software I have in my room." - Jaret Tomlinson, Intro to Business: Orrick High School, Missouri
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Information/ Communications Technology (ICT)

"It is an incredibly powerful tool. Vision simply embodies the efficient way in which we work, keeping our students on task, saving time and keeping them safe." - John Pritchett, ICT Head: Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield, England
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SintLucas VMBO in the Netherlands

"Through Vision Pro we keep a perfect control over our students, which has increased performance levels in class dramatically!" - Selahattin Sümbül, ICT-helpdesk coordinator at SintLucas in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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High School II

“It’s an obligation of ours to use as much prudence as we can to keep the kids on task. We have gained the confidence of the parents because we don’t have problems. They say you can’t be everywhere at once, but with Vision, teachers can.” - Tom Vogelgesang, Technology Coordinator: Lincoln High School, Tallahassee, Florida
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High School III

“I had heard of Vision and decided to try it out. I installed it on the PCs in my classroom over the summer and started using it with the students that fall. I can do so much more now.” - Dennis Oubre, Engineering, Robotics, Rocketry Instructor: A.J. Moore Engineering Academy, Waco, TX
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Independent Study

"Utilizing a classroom management system improves the final grade average in the order of a full grade step, far fewer students fail, and the spread of grades is significantly narrower. In addition, the overall classroom setting improves in terms of behavior and discipline." - Robert Joyce, Elon University; Harald Schmidl, Central Carolina Community College
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Broederscholen Hiëronymus in Belgium

"Teaching in computer rooms has become much easier with Netop Vision Pro classroom management software, so our teachers can use much more time actually delivering education and guiding, instead of walking around the large computer rooms unnecessarily." - Tom Ysewyn, Informatics Teacher at Broederscholen Hiëronymus in Sint Niklaas, Belgium
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