Classroom Management Solutions for BYOD in Schools

Managing today's BYOD Classroom with Vision

Is your school adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for student mobile technology? These days, many students are already equipped with their own tablets, computers, cell phones and other smart devices.  Instead of excluding these devices from the classroom, some schools are leveraging the technology investments that parents have made to help achieve one-to-one computing goals.

In BYOD schools, student technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment.  Devices that were once banned as distractions are now being used every day in the classroom.  This presents new challenges for teachers and administrators.  How do you foster good learning outcomes in the modern classroom?  And how do you find tools that will work with any mobile device?

Traditional classroom management tools won't cut it in the BYOD classroom.  That’s why Netop offers flexible solutions to fit your needs, no matter what devices your school or district may be adopting.

Managing BYOD in Schools with Vision


Teaching with a PC in a mixed device classroom?
Try Vision or Vision Pro classroom management software

How does it work?
Teacher PC > Student Devices

With Vision and Vision Pro, you can:

  • Demonstrate from the teacher's PC onto smart devices
  • View the teacher's screen on any device with a browser
  • Share screens with an individual or group
  • Use annotations during on-screen presentations
  • Students using iPads or Androids can connect to the classroom using the Vision Student App, available for free in the iTunes App store and Google Play
  • Also included with Vision Pro:
    • Administer tests, quizzes, polls, and surveys with the Learning Center
    • Take remote control of your PC from your teacher iPad with Vision Mobile

Mobility and BYOD in Learning

Schools are adopting laptops and tablets as learning tools in their day-to-day teaching environment, and experimenting with approaches ranging from laptop carts to BOYD (Bring your Own Device). This increased flexibility means that teaching can happen in (and out of) the classroom at any time. We’ll show you how Vision classroom management software allows you to teach in computing environments of any type.

Teaching in mobile classrooms and BYOD environments

Netop Vision offers high flexibility in mobile classrooms and BYOD environments, and supports many different configurations.

  • Standard PC computer lab
  • Mobile classroom (laptop cart)
  • BYOD environments with a mixture of laptops, tablets, and smart devices

The following instructions show you how easy it is to set up a mobile classroom or a BYOD class with Netop Vision. > Using Vision in mobile computer labs and BYOD environments

Manage every device in your school or district affordably.

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