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Why Classroom Management Software?

Helping build relevant classroom management strategies with technology

Simply put, because it makes your job easier and helps your students succeed. If you're teaching with computers, you already know how crucial it is to build effective classroom management strategies which are relevant to the demands that technology brings. Classroom management software helps you do that.

Here's how classroom management software helps your students succeed

Picture it.

classroom management video
  • You’re standing at the front of the room, waiting for your students to type a really long URL. Class time is ticking away. 
  • You’re giving a lecture, stopping mid-sentence to tell your students to focus on you, not their computers. 
  • You’re walking the room, doing your best to keep your students on task. By now, you’ve walked so many laps, you could run a 5K! 


Here’s the truth. You want the best for your students. But the frustrations of teaching with technology, paired with the pressure to achieve a certain level of student performance, could frazzle anyone. Which makes the answer to "why classroom management software" quite clear, really:

Software built to complement your classroom management strategies

Vision classroom management software

When you need your students to focus on you, Vision classroom management software lets you lock their keyboards and make their screens go blank, so their computers aren’t competing for their attention anymore. When you’re showing them how to use a new application, Vision lets you display your screen on their monitors, so they can see what you’re demonstrating up close. When you need to show them a website, Vision lets you load the URL for everyone at once from your own computer. And because you can view each student’s screen right from your display, you don’t have to run laps to know what they’re doing. 

Teaching with Technology: Graph of Improved Grades with Vision

Most importantly, Vision helps your students grasp concepts more quickly and retain them better over time. In fact, an independent study demonstrated that Vision actually improved student achievement by a full grade step. 

You need effective classroom management strategies. You want the best for your students. Vision helps you give them that. 

Better yet, you can start using classroom management software today:

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Classroom management software makes administrators happy

Before computers, classroom management strategies were very different: your teachers could be expected to maintain control of class simply by how they interacted with their students. The most effective classroom management strategies revolved around communication, rewards, consequences and relationships. 

Those strategies are still important, but it’s equally important to acknowledge how technology in the classroom changes the picture. 

To manage a classroom of computers, a teacher has to be everywhere at once – which simply isn’t possible. If someone’s playing a game, visiting the wrong website or chatting with a friend, the teacher won’t know unless they’re standing at that student’s side. Even if a teacher walks the room continuously, some students will still manage to get off task. 

The truth is, computers are powerful tools, and it takes a powerful tool to manage them. 

Vision classroom management software is that tool. It lets your teachers supervise each student’s work simultaneously, from their own screen, keeping tabs on the whole class at once. It empowers them to block or filter the Internet, so students can’t waste time online, or worse, stumble across an inappropriate website. It gives your teachers the tools they need to create effective classroom management strategies, it relieves the pressure they face to excel despite overwhelming technical challenges, and it frees them to focus on teaching. Not only that, Vision has been proven to make a measurable difference in student performance.

Read the independent study

In other words, it helps you safeguard the students entrusted to your care. It makes your teachers better at what they do. It raises your school’s overall achievement. Your teachers, your parents, your students, your school: Vision serves them all. 

Learn more about Netop classroom management solutions:

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Classroom management software takes the heat off IT 

How many different kinds of technology does it take to meet one school’s needs? One classroom management program in this classroom, another in that one, not to mention the library and computer lab. And when something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it. 

Vision classroom management software simplifies the picture. With one unified family of classroom management software, you can meet the needs of every teacher in your building without having to learn and maintain a different system for each one. Every educator with any budget can find what they need in the Netop classroom management software family. 

Whether you're working in a wired or wireless environment, integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, using mass deployment tools or working across sub-nets, Vision serves your needs.

Plus, it's really easy to work with. Our tech support is unbeatable, available by phone or live chat every school day. We offer detailed tutorials and free online training videos, and all our documentation is available online. 

You don’t have to worry about what you’re getting into: with Netop, you know.