Gain Classroom Insight with Student Survey Software

Assess student feedback through anonymous polls and surveys

Check your students' morale... gauge their interest... find out if an assignment is working for them...

Students learn best when they're interested; not so much if they're frustrated or bored. Vision's Chat tool lets you survey students to find out which is which: giving you the information you need to adjust your lesson for maximum impact, in stride.

Here's how it works. You create questions and send your class the survey. Students answer anonymously, and the data automatically comes back to you in a pie chart.

Student surveys let you gauge class-wide comprehension

Surveys are also a good way to assess class-wide comprehension: try sending a true/false or multiple choice question, and see what percentage of your class knows the answer. If everyone gets it right, you can move on confidently. If only 20 percent answer correctly, you know they need more time.

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  • At a glance

    The Chat tool lets you survey students, conducting anonymous polls of your classroom and automatically reporting the results in a pie chart.

  • What you can do with it

    • Survey students to assess their interest in the exercise
    • Find out whether an assignment is too hard or easy 
    • Encourage honest answers with anonymous polling
    • Give a pop quiz without making students feel nervous or pressured
    • Get an instant "visual" of how your class is doing