Chat with Students

Vision's Teacher & Student Chat Classroom Management Tool

Chat screen-to-screen with your students without disrupting the class

Send a message to someone who's struggling... redirect a student without involving their peers... get an instant message from someone with a question...

Vision's teacher & student Chat tool lets you help your students the moment you're needed, without disturbing the rest of the class.

From a student perspective, it makes you approachable. Teacher & student chat lets a student ask a quick question in passing, or admit they're struggling without risking embarrassment.

If someone is misbehaving, teacher & student chat lets you redirect them without fueling the situation. If they're simply on the wrong track, you can guide them back quickly and discreetly. If your class is divided into groups, and one of the groups needs extra attention, Chat lets you communicate with them as a team. You can even use it to initiate a class-wide discussion.

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  • At a glance

    Teacher & student Chat lets you send and receive instant messages with a student, a group or the whole class, screen-to-screen.

  • What you can do with it

    • Encourage teacher & student interaction
    • Quickly redirect someone who's on the wrong track
    • Allow students to approach you privately when they need help
    • Communicate with individuals, a group or the whole class