Share Your Screen

Classroom Screen Sharing Software Lets You Demonstrate

Share your screens and display your presentations on student computers

Introduce a new activity to the class... show a small group what to do next... pull aside someone who's stuck and walk them through it one-on-one...

Giving your students a full-screen view of your display opens a lot of doors.

It also gives you their undivided attention. When your screen appears on your students' computers or smart devices, they focus on the lesson, which means better comprehension and concept retention.

Showing a movie? Everyone gets a front-row seat with our classroom screen sharing software. Demonstrating something complex? Screen sharing puts the concepts front and center, making learning much more effective for your students.

A high-speed screen sharing solution

Vision classroom management software takes classroom screen sharing to a new level, leading the industry and setting the bar. With Vision, you can share any application with your students – even the most technically intensive – in real time, in sync, seamlessly.

If you’re working with high-res graphics, or demonstrating AutoCAD or streaming video from PowerDVD or Quicktime, you’ll recognize a noticeable difference in quality between Vision and other classroom management solutions.
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  • At a glance

    The screen sharing tool gives your students a full-screen view of your display, on any student PC, Mac, iPad, or smart device.

    With high-speed screen sharing, you can stream even the most technically intensive applications seamlessly, in sync.

  • Share your screen with any student device:

    • Share screens with an individual, a group or the whole class
    • Broadcast MPEG, AVI, Quicktime and Flash movies/ animations
    • Classroom screen sharing gives everyone a front-row seat
    • Share graphics-intensive applications in real time
    • Stream videos without getting out of sync
    • Display any application you're running on your students' screens
    • Best-in-class performance for seamless demos

    Expanded sharing capabilities for student with PC or Mac:

    • Lock student keyboards and mice to eliminate distraction
    • Select full screen, close screen, or minimize display
    • Keep your demonstration available for student reference