Monitor Student Computers

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software for a Bird's Eye View

Supervise student work and monitor their computers, right from your screen

Keep an eye on web browsing... notice when someone needs help... catch distractions as they arise and keep students on task...

The screen-monitoring tool is the heart of classroom management software. It gives you the bird's eye view you need to guide your students' progress, be at their side as soon as you're needed, and get the most from your class time.

Even if you're walking your classroom continuously, you can't be everywhere at once. But with screen-monitoring software, your computer displays a thumbnail image for each student's screen. As soon as someone gets distracted or needs help, you can see it happen, right from your desk.

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  • At a glance

    The Classroom Screen Monitoring tool displays a thumbnail image of your students' screens on your own computer, letting you follow their activities from your own workstation.

  • Advantages of Classroom Screen Monitoring Software

    • Keep an eye on each computer in your class
    • Help a confused student before they get too far in the wrong direction
    • Redirect someone as soon as they get distracted
    • See a thumbnail view of the entire class at a glance
    • Enlarge a student's screen for more details; collapse it when you're done
    • Scroll through screens automatically or at your own pace (Windows teacher only)
    • In Live View mode, Vision screen-monitoring lets you follow a student's work in real time