Dynamic Screen Annotation On-Screen Annotation Pointer

Take a Hands-on Approach with Dynamic On-Screen Annotation

Zoom in, highlight, point at and draw on your screen during presentations

Make class presentations clearer and more interesting... help your students focus on the right place... bridge the gap between your screen and theirs...

Vision's screen annotation Pointer tool lets you draw on your screen, type on it, zoom in to show your students something in detail, and hide things that aren't relevant. Pointer lets you capture screenshots, highlight what you're talking about and take advantage of a lot of other screen annotation tools as well.

It lets you point at things, too, of course - you can even duplicate on-screen arrows to point at several items at the same time. If you prefer, you can use Pointer's Numbering tool to assign them numbers as you go or clearly order instructions for your students.

Whether you're displaying a presentation on your students' screens or at the front of the room, Pointer screen annotation lets you bridge the gap between your students and your lesson.

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  • At a glance

    Pointer screen annotation gives you over 20 screen annotation tools to make your on-screen presentations come alive.

  • Advantages of On-Screen Annotation

    • Focus student attention during on-screen presentations
    • Over 20 tools for rich, interactive screen annotation
    • Point, highlight, magnify, draw, type, more
    • Capture notes during group discussions
    • Capture screenshots; save them in a gallery