Control Internet Access

How to Restrict Internet Access & Guide Students Online?

Decide which websites are available or off-limits, for any student, at any time

Block a website as soon as it becomes a distraction... allow limited web access during a test... select which resources you want your students to use...

The Internet is full of potential for the classroom; it's also rife with distractions - which makes you wonder: how to restrict Internet access while still providing your students the powerful online tools they need?

Vision: Site Filters Let You Control Student Web Access

In Vision, to controlling student internet access is Site Filters (for Windows only).

The Site Filters tool lets you create a Resource List including all the websites you want your students to use, while putting the rest of the Internet off limits. For instance, it lets you show your class a particular YouTube video, without giving them free access to YouTube as a whole. Use Site Filters to limit online research, narrow your students’ focus, prevent distraction and even allow online research during tests.

Vision Pro: Ultimate Classroom Internet Access Control

Vision Pro goes further, letting you create not only Resource Lists, but Block Lists too (for Windows only). 

Block Lists let your students use the Internet freely – just with a few exceptions. You decide which sites are inappropriate or distracting, and remove those only, while continuing to let your students tap into the creative resources of the Internet at large. Need to keep your students off Facebook while they’re doing Internet research? Create a block list, add Facebook’s URL and leave them to work without the distractions.

It's a more expansive solution for how to restrict Internet access in your classroom and guide your students' use of the web.

Mac version: The Mac version of Vision and Vision Pro allows teachers turn internet access on or off for one student, a group or the whole class.

  • At a glance

    Site Filters let you decide which websites to allow while blocking the rest of the Internet.

    With Ultimate Web Control in Vision Pro, you also have the option to allow access to the Internet as a whole, while blocking specific websites as necessary.

  • What you can do with Vision

    • Turn Internet access on or off for one student, a group or the whole class
    • Create resource lists easily, right within your browser
    • Modify your lists instantly, at any time
    • Approved websites display in student browsers automatically as soon as you update a list

    Vision Pro takes you further:

    • Create block lists as well as resource lists
    • Remove distracting websites at any time, even during class
    • Allow free use of the Internet; make exceptions as needed
    • Mix and match Block and Resource lists, a fully customizable solution for how to restrict Internet access in class and manage your students' online work
    • Ensure appropriate use of school computers

Tips & Tricks: Allow, filter, lock - Control Internet use in class and during lessons

The Internet is a dynamic structure that offers a lot of potential for teaching and learning, but it's also rife with distractions. How can you restrict Internet access while still providing students with the important online resources they need? With Vision and Vision Pro, you decide which websites are accessible during class and which are not.

In our Tips & Tricks, we’ll show you step-by-step how to:

  • Easily create teacher approved web pages
  • Apply approved web pages on the fly during the lesson
  • Block all web access when needed

> Tips & Tricks: Allow, filter, lock - Control Internet use in class and during lessons