Time-saving Software for Computer Labs, Media Centers, Classrooms, and More

Login all your computers, all at once with this time-saving classroom management tool

Computer labs... media centers... elementary classrooms... libraries... 

Before Vision Pro, in order to prepare your classroom for students each day, you’d have to walk around the room, individually logging in each and every computer. When it came to logging them out again, it was the same story all over again. That’s a tedious task – especially if it has to be done more than once a day. 

With the computer lab management software of Vision Pro, though, you can save yourself a lot of time.

Remote Login is one of the most time-saving features of computer lab management software today. It’s equally useful in libraries, media centers, even classrooms – anywhere you need to log in multiple computers before your students arrive.

If you teach a class of elementary students who aren't ready to enter usernames and passwords on their own, with Remote Login you can save them a step, and get started on your lesson much sooner.

If you’re in IT, and you’re running an update on school computers, Remote Login lets you expedite that process. Download a free trial and see for yourself.

  • At a glance

    In single sign-in environments such as your library or computer lab, Remote Login lets you sign in or out of multiple computers all at the same time.

  • Advantages of Remote Login

    • Get your classroom ready for students more quickly, saving valuable preparation time
    • Log in for your elementary students before they arrive, in a click
    • Expedite the process of running updates on school computers
    • Make your computer lab, library or media center more efficient
    • Take advantage of one of the most important capabilities of computer lab management software