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Classroom Management Software: For PCs

Teaching with technology has never been easier

Engineered to help teachers engage the entire class, ignite interest, and guide student learning, Netop Vision classroom management software offers a powerful set of teaching technology. Features include high speed screen sharing, web filtering, on-screen annotation and much more. Browse the list of features below to learn why Vision has become the #1 choice of teachers. 

Netop Vision classroom management features for PCs

The following feature set is available for classrooms with teacher and student computers running Windows operating systems. See technical specifications.

Supervise students' work

View an expandable thumbnail image of each student's screen on your computer, so you can follow their activities from your desk in real time.
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Share your screen

Give your students a high-speed, full-screen view of your display while locking their keyboards and mice.
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Control students' Internet use

Select which websites your class can view. Want to restrict sites, too? Vision Pro lets you customize every aspect of your students' Internet access.
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Remote login

In single sign-in environments such as your library or computer lab, Vision Pro lets you sign in or out of multiple computers, all at the same time.
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Showcase students' screens

Display what one student is doing on other students' computers: an excellent way to hold student demonstrations, presentations and spotlighting.
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Launch applications

Open a file, application or website remotely, in one move, for the whole class at once: simultaneous application launch saves a lot of class time.
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Operate computers remotely

Operate your students' computers without having to leave your desk. Help a student through a problem screen-to-screen, the moment you're needed.
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Kiosk applications

Working in Kiosk mode, your students can't exit the applications you've launched, open anything else, access the desktop or restart their computers.
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Blank student screens

Make classroom screens go blank in a click, locking students' keyboards and mice. Capture attention and stop all activity the instant you need to.
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Share files between computers

Send documents, collect tests and distribute assignments in your classroom instantaneously, without having to pass out any papers.
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Manage from your iPad

Teach from anywhere in your classroom with Vision Mobile, the new app for teachers that puts the full power of your PC onto your iPad.
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Remote shutdown & wake-up

Start, restart or turn off all the computers in your class (or just the ones you select) at one time, from your desk, saving valuable preparation time.
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Dynamic screen annotation

Netop Pointer gives you over 20 annotation tools to make your on-screen presentations come alive. Zoom, highlight, draw on screen and more.
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Push-button control pad

TeachPad is a five-button control pad that plugs into your computer's USB port, letting you operate Vision's core features with the push of a button.
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Customize classroom view

Label student screenshots and rearrange them on-screen, organizing your display to mirror where your students are seated in the room.
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Chat with students

Send and receive instant messages with a student, a group or the whole class, screen-to-screen. Communicate discreetly without disturbing others.
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Survey students, take polls

Conduct anonymous polls of your classroom to assess comprehension and gauge morale. The results return to you automatically in a pie chart.
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Floating toolbar

Access key classroom management tools from the Floating Toolbar: an extremely intuitive, customizable interface unique to Vision & Vision Pro.
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