Remote Control Computers

Remote Control Student Computers

Operate any computer, right from your desk with classroom management software

Fix a problem for someone who's confused... jump in and demonstrate... skip the explanations, and get an assignment started...

Sometimes the fastest way to get someone on task is to take the reins for a moment. 

When one of your students is facing a roadblock or doing something inappropriate, classroom Remote Control lets you take over. If someone is stuck and doesn't know how to move forward, it lets you step in and model what you want them to do. If they're confused by a technical difficulty, you can fix it for them quickly, so they can get back to work.

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  • At a glance

    The classroom Remote Control tool lets you operate your students' computers from your own screen, without having to leave your desk.

  • What you can do with it

    • Take command of any student's computer with classroom Remote Control
    • Demonstrate on your student's screen, right from your workstation
    • Classroom Remote Control lets you quickly redirect inappropriate behavior
    • Resolve technical difficulties for students simply and efficiently