Customize Classroom View

Keep Everything Straight (Without Having to Think about It)

Make the screenshots on your display intuitively mirror your classroom layout

As you monitor your students' computers, you'll see a thumbnail on your screen for each student in your class: it's a bird's eye view of what everyone's doing. But how to keep them all straight?

Vision's Request Name and Arrange Layout tools let you track which screenshot belongs to which student, so organizing your classroom is simple and intuitive.

First step, you send out a name request. A message pops up on each student's screen, asking them to type in their name. When they do, each thumbnail on your display is automatically labeled with the correct name.

From there, you can drag and drop these screenshots around on your monitor, organizing your classroom display to match how it looks from where you're sitting. Once you've got the students where you want them, all it takes is a glance to find what you're looking for... freeing you up to focus on your students - not your computer!

  • At a glance

    With Request Name and Arrange Layout, you can label student screenshots automatically; then rearrange them, organizing your classroom layout to mirror where your students are seated in the room.

  • What you can do with it

    • Intuitively track which screen belongs to which student
    • Remember students' names more easily
    • Keep a bird's eye view of all classroom activity
    • Get names and label screenshots, automatically organizing your classroom
    • Drag and drop screenshots so your display matches your classroom
    • Save layouts, so you only have to create them once