Blank Student Screens

Blank Computer Screens, Lock Keyboards, and Demand Attention

Make your students' computer screens instantly go blank

Get your class's undivided attention... end a test on time... eliminate distractions during a lecture...

A blank screen is a wonderful thing.

Put briefly, it means you no longer have to compete for your students' attention. When you blank screens in your classroom, your students' keyboards and mice lock at the same time; websites, games and assignments disappear in one click, heads come up and eyes focus on you.

When you're giving an in-class assignment or test, the Blank Screen tool lets you stop everyone's work the moment time is up. It lets you pause inappropriate behavior instantly. When you're lecturing on something new or making an announcement, it helps your class pay attention.

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  • At a glance

    The Blank Screen tool makes your students' screens go blank while locking their keyboards and mice, stopping everyone's activity the moment you need to.

  • What you can do with it

    • Blank students' screens, locking keyboards and mice at the same time
    • Get the attention of an individual, a group or the whole class
    • Stop inappropriate behavior instantly
    • Customize the blank screen with text or an image (Windows teacher only)