Launch Applications

Everyone Starts at the Same Time with Classroom Management Tools from Netop

Open files, load web pages and start applications for the entire class

Here's how class used to begin:

The bell rings, and everyone takes their seat. You give your class an instruction: "Please go to the school's website," or, "Please open the file I sent you." Then you wait. Some students are on task; others are talking to each other. You redirect them, and wait. Some computers are slower to load than others. The students with faster systems are starting to fidget. One student typed the web address incorrectly, and they need help. You address this with them, and wait...

Sound familiar?

Good news: With Netop's classroom management tools, you can skip the lost time and jump straight into your lesson. Simply load the file on your computer, and with Vision's Start Application tool, it simultaneously loads on every other screen in your class, too. Your students are all in the same place, at the same time, ready to go.

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  • At a glance

    The Start Application classroom tool lets you open a file, application or web page remotely, in one move, for the whole class at the same time.

  • Advantages of the Start Application classroom tool

    • Get into your lesson faster, with fewer headaches
    • Eliminate lost transition time, gain class time
    • Ensure all your students are ready to start when you are
    • Start applications on student screens remotely
    • Send every student to the same web page in one move
    • Open the same file on everyone's computer simultaneously