iPad Classroom Management

Vision ME iPad Classroom Management App

Meet Vision ME ... the new iPad classroom workflow app

Are you teaching in an iPad classroom?  Then you need classroom management tools designed for the iPad.  Meet Vision ME, the new iPad app that makes teaching in an iPad classroom easier and more effective.

With Vision ME, you can easily present lessons on student iPads, showcase student work to the entire class, chat with students, share files efficiently, deliver lessons online and conduct web-based assessments in any of five supported languages.  And Vision ME includes simple controls that help you focus the attention of the class by blanking student iPad screens and blocking web-browsing.

What can you do with Vision ME?

Engage students and inspire learning with lessons shown directly on student iPad screens. Empower students to lead classroom demonstrations. Save a tree and make assignment collection truly paperless. Tune out distractions and turn up the focus.  Even flip your classroom!


A complete solution for iPad classroom management

Present and share Show lessons from the teacher's iPad to all student iPad screens so that every student has a front row seat. Empower students to lead class demonstrations from their iPad. Showcase student work to the entire class. Optimize classroom workflow with file sharing.

Communicate and control Encourage questions or broadcast an announcement to the class using real-time chat. Instantly get students' attention by blanking screens and locking devices during instruction. Tune out distractions and turn up the focus with Internet access controls.

Online learning and assessment Post lesson materials and videos online - ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms. Engage students with in-class quizzes and surveys, or conduct complete web-based assessments that are scored automatically.