MyVision Free: Classroom Management Software

Classroom Management for Every Teacher

Follow your students’ work without standing at their desks

Even if you're walking your classroom continuously, you can't be everywhere at once. So, how do you know if someone's getting confused, visiting the wrong website, playing a game or needing your help?

MyVision Free classroom management software provides just what you've been needing: eyes in the back of your head.

See MyVision Free in Action

Be everywhere at once with classroom management software

MyVision Free classroom management software lets you view each screen in class from your own display. You can look at your students' screens side-by-side, as thumbnails, or expand them individually for more detail. As soon as you see someone getting confused or distracted, you can bring them quickly back on task.

Why is it free? Technology for teachers has never been more important than it is today. MyVision Free classroom management software ensures that no teacher lacks the fundamental tool for teaching with technology: the ability to follow your students' work and keep tabs on how they're doing, whether you're standing by their side or at your desk.

In a classroom full of computers, that's a must. So it's free. Classroom management software is that important. And if someday you choose to upgrade? The transition to MyVision Basic is seamless.

What can I do with classroom management software?

Follow your students' work Keep an eye on web browsing, catch distractions as they arise and notice when someone needs help. It's even easier when you rearrange your students' screens on your display to mirror your seating chart.

Macs and PCs MyVision Free is compatible, even if you're working with a combination of both: you can supervise them all from one computer.

Totally free To anyone, anywhere. Plus, there's a bonus. For the first 30 days after you download MyVision Free, you get to try out a complimentary version of MyVision Basic. After 30 days, it reverts to MyVision Free automatically, no strings attached.