MyVision Technical Specifications

Netop MyVision is the innovative, entry-level classroom management solution that works on Macs and PCs, providing the essential tools that educators need to teach with computers.

Installation overview

  • MyVision provides a personalized subscription-based approach to classroom management that includes some web components, as well as software that must be downloaded onto the teacher and student computers.
  • Each teacher who uses MyVision will need to create a login and password on the Netop website in order to manage their individual subscription. (Students do not need to do this.) The teacher will then be able to download the MyVision teacher program and install it on his or her computer.
  • Once installed, the MyVision teacher program enables teachers to set up one or more classrooms. Student modules can be installed manually or with an MSI installation package. In order to do this, the teacher will need to have the appropriate access rights to the student computers. In schools where teachers do not have this level of permission, the network administrator should be the one to download the teacher module and install the student modules.
  • Separate versions are available for Macs and PCs; however, MyVision supports mixed-platform classrooms as well.
  • MyVision supports teacher and student computers connected on LAN, on the same or on different subnets. MyVision also supports teacher and student computers connected over the Internet; in these scenarios, students need to use a school access key to ensure they are connected to the appropriate teacher.

Technical Specifications


  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. 32-bit and 64-bit versions supported.
  • Processor - Intel Pentium4 or equivalent, at least 1.4Ghz
  • Memory - minimum 768MB
  • Hard drive - minimum of 180MB free
  • Video - any 100% VGA-compatible graphics adapter supported by Windows
  • Network - wired: minimum 100Mbps; wireless: 802.11g
  • Privileges - Jdk 1.5 or later installed, must have admin privileges for installing MyVision (no admin privileges required for running), port 80 open for the teacher, ports 33000 and 33080 open for both teacher and student


  • Operating System - Mac OS X 10.5 through 10.8, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Processor - Intel Core Duo 2, at least 2Ghz
  • Memory - minimum 2GB
  • Hard drive - minimum of 100MB free
  • Video - any 100% VGA compatible graphics adapter supported by Mac
  • Network - wired: minimum100 Mbps; wireless: 802.11g
  • Privileges - The user must have administration privileges to install MyVision, but these are not required to run it. Port 80 must be open for the teacher, and ports 33000 and 33080 must be open for both teacher and student.

Virtual Desktop support

MyVision supports environments utilizing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services). This means that the MyVision teacher and student modules can be installed and run on a central server and be accessed by multiple teachers and students from any device (almost!) that they use to connect to the server.

MyVision runs on the following server versions:

  • Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Services component
  • Windows Server 2008 with Remote Desktop Services
  • Windows Server R2 with Remote Desktop Services
  • Window Server 2012 Release Candidate with Remote Services
  • NComputing vSpace Server and vSpace Client
  • Citrix XenDesktop

The teacher module as well as the student module can be installed and run on the server. In future releases additional support for Windows MultiPoint Server and HP Multiseat environments will be added.

For an overview of the installation flow, see the technical article on virtualization support in the Netop knowledge base.


  • Manage your classroom from your iPad with MyVision and Vision Mobile. Requires two components: the Vision Mobile app, available for free from the Apple App Store, and the Vision Mobile Connector, which runs on your Windows PC and is available for purchase from Netop. Supports iPad running iOS 5 or later.


  • Netop MyVision is licensed via individual teacher subscriptions.
  • All MyVision subscriptions start with a free trial of MyVision Basic, and revert to the MyVision Free feature set after 30 days unless a subscription is purchased.
  • MyVision Basic subscriptions typically run for a period of one year, and may be purchased online using a standard credit card.
  • An individual teacher subscription provides for an unlimited number of student computers, the price is the same whether the teacher works with 5 students, 50 or 300.
  • Teachers who share a computer lab may choose to share a MyVision subscription (by sharing the login ID and password), however MyVision will not allow two teachers to log in with the same MyVision subscription at one time.
  • A teacher who moves between several computer labs does not need more than one MyVision subscription.
  • MyVision stores subscription data on the Netop web site and must be able to access the web periodically to validate the subscription status, as well as to manage classrooms.