Essential Tools for Macs and PCs

Looking for a simple classroom management software solution for Macs? Teaching in a mixed environment of PCs and Macs?  Working with a tight budget?  Look no further than MyVision Basic.

MyVision brings you the most essential classroom management resources to help you connect with your students, ignite their interest, and simplify the challenges of teaching with technology.

Fundamental tools for teaching with technology

MyVision Basic puts classroom management software within reach, even for teachers who have never been able to afford it before.

Easy to learn, intuitive to use; a low-cost subscription will transform your teaching experience (and student outcomes) for the better.


Simplify the challenges of classroom management Communicate screen-to-screen, supervise how your students are using their computers, turn the Internet on or off - the classroom management resources included in MyVision Basic make teaching with technology so much easier.

Macs and PCs MyVision Basic is compatible. Even if your classroom includes a combination of both platforms, you can manage them all from one computer.

Teach from your iPad Manage your MyVision classroom from your iPad with Vision Mobile, the new app for teachers that puts the full power of you PC onto your iPad.  Learn more about Vision Mobile.

Accessible to any budget MyVision Basic includes only the most essential tools for classroom management, a perfect choice if you're working from a tight budget.