Jun 212014

Discover five of our favorite articles on the latest EdTech news.

Technology in the Classroom News
We constantly study the evolving landscape of education technology to ensure our solutions provide teachers with the tools they need to teach in a 21st century classroom.

We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest information on how teachers can best integrate technology in the classroom.

We read and learn about some pretty cool stuff out there, and we want to share our findings with you!

That’s why we created The Netop Top 5 Series, a compilation of news articles and blog posts, including real stories that demonstrate how teachers are using technology in the classroom.
Read on to discover some of our favorite education technology articles we came across.

Apps Are Better Than Textbooks. Here Are 10 Examples.

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When properly designed, digital content can provide interactive and engaging opportunities for students that textbooks cannot. This post highlights 10 compelling examples. Read more.

Thinking About the R in SAMR – from Patrick Larkin

Summer is a great time for teachers to reflect on the past school year while planning for the next. What have you done this past year that wasn’t even a thought in previous years? How has your classroom changed? Patrick Larkin explores the “Redefinition” in the SAMR model to discuss new possibilities because of technology. Read more.

A Handy Google Image Map for Teachers and Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Learn how students can utilize an essential, but often overlooked feature in Google Images with this handy how-to guide from Med Kharbach. Read more.

8 End-of-Year Questions To Ask Students About iPads

As the end of the year ends, take some time to get feedback from students about their use of iPads. Author Matt Levinson provides you with these eight great questions to ask them. Read more.

Ideas for Summer Learning from #KCDTTL

The CoolCat Teacher
Vicki Davis of CoolCat Teacher was a keynote speaker at technology and education conference this week. Check out her latest post for access to the slide presentations. Read more.

Did you come across any recent EdTech articles you think are worth sharing? Leave a comment below, send us a tweet or post it on our Facebook wall and you might see it in our next edition of the Netop Top 5.

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