• Vision ME: iPad Classroom Workflow App
    • Present lessons from anywhere in the iPad classroom
    • Capture the attention of every student in class
    • Support flipped learning with web-based assessment
  • Vision Pro: Classroom Management Software
    • The cutting-edge, next generation of Netop School
    • With web-based student assessment for flipped classrooms
    • Engage students and improve learning outcomes
  • Netop Vision: Now Supports iPads and Smart Devices
    • The world’s most popular classroom management software
    • Proven to improve student achievement
    • Essential teaching tools that ignite interest and focus
  • Learning Center: Web-based tools for Blended Learning
    • Available with Vision ME and Vision Pro
    • Create, assign, and administer tests in and out of class
    • Provides automatic scoring and compiles data for reporting
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    Show, focus, share. Meet Vision ME, the iPad classroom workflow app that simplifies teaching and engages students.

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    Vision Pro is the powerful classroom management solution that combines ease of use with enhanced features for best in class performance.

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    The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology, Vision is the popular classroom management software proven to improve student performance.

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    Available with Vision ME and Vision Pro, this web-based assessment tool supports flipped and blended learning.

ipads in the classroom

Hello, is it ME you're looking for? Meet Vision ME, the iPad classroom workflow app that's about to make teaching in the iPad classroom a whole lot easier... We’ll show you how